And just who am I?

About a year ago, I happened upon a thought that had been rattling around in my head for years. “When I retire,” I thought, “I’m going to read and write all the time.” Never mind that I’m a mere 32 years old. Never mind that retirement is more years away than graduating college–or even high school. Never mind that putting off the two things that I’ve loved since I was a child was ridiculous. “I’ll write in my twilight years. No need to worry about it now,” is what I’d been telling myself for almost ten years.

When the thought slid into the light of my consciousness, I was shocked. I realized I had been denying myself something that was an essential part of me.

I used to devour books. In elementary school, I’d go to the library and wander the aisles. I’d take a stack of books to the librarian and, barely as tall as the counter, hand over my library card with a smile. I’d carry a book wherever I went. I’d read on the bus, at the dinner table (until my mother would force me to put it away), under the covers at night. And then, something in my little heart shifted, and I wanted to create something. So I wrote short stories and essays and finally, my crowning achievement, a book.

That book is tucked away in a dusty corner of my hard drive. I’ve not had the courage to pull it out again. But it’s compelled me to recapture that same feeling I had as a child.

So a year ago, I started to write and read again. And revise and learn and grow. And laugh and cry and love what I was doing.

I’ve rediscovered the joy that I had a child, a joy which I’m sure many of you share.

I’m sure that, like many things, this blog will change and grow as I do. But for now, I’m planning to blog book reviews. I have met many wonderful writers on Twitter and on the Absolute Write forums, and I want to help them and those like them spread their heart’s creations. I hope that this blog will help me meet more great people, find more awesome stories to read, and help me spread the stories I love–both mine and those I’ve stumbled upon.

My first love is science fiction and fantasy. Although I’ll review some Young Adult and New Adult books, I’m at a time in my life where I appreciate Adult stories more. I wanted to say “Adult themes,” but that doesn’t have the right connotation. I read some romance and erotica, but I like the stories that focus on growth, hard choices, and difficult life events that happen to us as we get older. I’m a sucker for dark stories. I love psychological horror, but I can’t do the gory kind. I love flawed heroes. I love “bad or worse” decisions. I love beautifully developed worlds. Hard science as a complement to a well-told sci-fi story makes me heart go pitter-patter.

I’ll warn you: I’m tough. I don’t give five stars very often, and only when the book changed something about my own world. I’m crazy about grammar. In this day and age, I believe a polished story is worth its weight in gold.

In summary, I hope this blog adds something to my life and to yours.

So tell me: What books do you want me to review?

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