Review: How To Discipline Your Vampire by Mina Vaughn

How To Discipline Your Vampire by Mina VaughnTitle: How To Discipline Your Vampire
Author: Mina Vaughn
Genre(s): Adult Paranormal Erotic Romance
How To Purchase: Kindle |
Author Website: Kink With a Wink

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In this exciting paranormal erotic romance, a dominant schoolteacher with a serious role-play fetish finds the perfect submissive in an infamous vampire lover.

Cerise Norrell, Type A substitute teacher by day, is ready to quit being a domme. Despite her best intentions, none of her partners can keep up with her scene fetish and attention to detail—let alone her demand that they have a costume and set waiting every afternoon by the time she’s home from school.

Over a dozen potential subs have left her in the past year, but just when Cerise thinks it’s impossible—that she’ll have to go back to vanilla relationships, or be alone forever—she meets William, who wants to make all her fantasies come true. He turns her home into a geisha’s dream apartment, a concert hall with a grand piano (which he uses to play an original composition while wearing a tuxedo), and even rents an abandoned loft for a zombie apocalypse scene—complete with canned goods.

But there’s something strange about William. Well, a lot of strange things. He must be absurdly rich, since he can afford to provide extravagant costumes and props on a daily basis without having to leave work early. He must be insane, since he puts up with Cerise’s over-the-top demands. And most importantly, he doesn’t redden when he’s spanked, and his skin is as cool as satin sheets. When Cerise discovers she’s become dome to the infamous “Chilly Willy,” as he’s known throughout the BDSM urban lore, she begins to find out there’s a whole lot more to her handsome submissive than a creative mind and a hard body.

And when it’s William, ironically, who starts pressing Cerise to give him the kind of commitment she’s never given anyone, it’ll take everything she has to work through her issues, confront her past, and learn to be vulnerable.

How To Discipline Your Vampire was a fun, breezy read that had me captured until the end. It chronicles how substitute teacher and dominatrix Cerise meets vampire William, who’s looking for more than just a dom. Both characters have pasts to deal with, and meeting one another makes cathartic sparks fly.

Cerise’s obsession with having everything in order made for an interesting, flawed protagonist. She was frustrating and over-the-top demanding in an unapologetic way, and I loved her for it. William’s deferential but defiant manner created an interesting dynamic. I was fascinated at the things Cerise let him get away with. I thought the book did an excellent job of showcasing a realistic dom/sub relationship, showing how it’s not just the dom in charge of the relationship.

Before reading the book, I read another review that stated the reviewer grew bored with the scenes. Not so for me: I was disappointed that there weren’t more. Maybe it’s my own slightly kinky side, but I wanted to see more role play between the two. I cheered with Cerise when William rose to the challenge of creating fully realized scenes; I shared her pain when she remembered some of the half-assed attempts of her past subs.

How To Discipline Your Vampire didn’t invent anything new about vampires, and I’m ok with that. Vampires have been around long before the emo sparkly ones, and they’ll be around once the emo sparkly ones are forgotten. Mina did a great job using the mythos to augment her storytelling.

This book was well thought-out and polished, with just the right amount of sex. It balanced an interesting plot, believable character development, and a detailed setting. If you like urban fantasy and erotic romance, you’ll like this.

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