Happy 6 months to Magic & Mayhem!

It’s been six months since I started this blog. For some reason, it feels like a lot longer, but I think it’s because so much has happened in my real life since it started. Keeping up with a blog is not as much work as I had feared but more work than perhaps I was prepared for.

I love doing reviews. I enjoy helping other authors and readers — sharing the self-published gems I’ve found and contributing to that pile of reviews we all need to be successful. I’ve met some great people, and to be quite honest, I’ve been surprised at how professional just about everyone has been. I haven’t yet run into an ungracious author, although I’m 100% sure I have made some people unhappy by turning down reviews or publishing some brutally honest opinions.

Before I sign off, I wanted to do a quick round-up of the stats over the last six months. Since I’m listed on three sites (The Indie ViewThe Book Blogger List, and Kate Tilton’s Book Bloggers), I get more review requests than I could possibly handle, even though I wish I could help more. And here are the numbers from the last six months:

  • Total books reviewed: 49 (3 [a trilogy] read, written, and ready to be published)
  • Review requests received and responded to: 135
  • Review requests accepted: 23
  • Accepted reviews completed: 17
  • Reviews I didn’t reply to because they were unspecific and confusing, blatantly ignored my Review Policy, or were otherwise rude: 14
  • Number of unwanted spam email newsletters / Kickstarter spam requests subscribed to: 2
  • Number of unwanted spam email newsletters / Kickstarter spam requests that refuse to remove me from their list: 1 (And it’s political and not even remotely within my sphere of interests. Bad.)

And that’s the numbers for the end of 2013/beginning of 2014, since I love numbers. Happy six months, Magic & Mayhem!

Have you added my forthcoming release, Guarding Angel, to your Goodreads to-be-read list? You can also find me on Twitter and Pinterest.

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