About Me

Welcome to my “About Me” page. My name is Samantha. I grew up in a small town in Iowa but now live in the suburbs of Toronto with my Canadian husband and expatriate cat. I’ve worked as a banking project manager for almost ten years, but as you might assume, it’s not something that lights a fire under my imagination. Reading, writing, thinking about reading and writing–these are what I like to do in my spare time, along with the occasional video game or eight. (I was an epic raid healing druid during the WotLK WoW expansion.)

Growing up in small town Iowa, I tried to fit into the culture of the Bible Belt. I spent years convincing myself that born again Christianity was right, proper, and my only choice. Yet the philosophy never resonated with me.

Living in Toronto, I’m surrounded by a tapestry of cultures and religions. Never overt, just present and unrelenting: Something that cannot be ignored. People aren’t all the same color. People don’t fit into the boxes the media creates. People have varied beliefs.

My reading and writing interests reflect that diversity. I write about angels and demons because the supernatural fascinates me and I love a rip-roaring fight between the forces of good and evil. But these angels and demons have real struggles in a world that is built on more than just Judeo-Christian philosophy. My characters question everything–just as I do. My characters struggle with the greater meaning of life–just as I do. My books ask questions that are most dear to me: Why are we here and what does it all mean?

My debut novel releases in early 2014 under the name S. L. Saboviec. Saboviec is the original Polish version of my anglicized last name, Sabovitch. You’ll find me on social media under both, but I generally keep my writing-self as “Saboviec” and my day-job-self as “Sabovitch.” I’m always making connections with readers and writers who understand the purpose to social media, so please invite me if that’s you. I love reading science fiction and fantasy books in my spare time, and I’ve started this blog to review books of independent and debut authors.

Twitter: @Saboviec
Goodreads: S. L. Saboviec (Go ahead, invite me. I love making friends! Is that cheesy? For reals, just do it.)
Pinterest: S. L. Saboviec
FaceBook: Coming soon


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Landed here from your pinterest boards. Those are some wicked pins!

    If your writing is evocative of the images you post then your readers are in for a treat!

    • Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy my pinterest. I’ll be starting to push out some writing samples in the next few months, in preparation for my book release. No date yet, but around March or April!

      Also, welcome to pinterest; I see that you’re new. Happy pinning. Don’t stay up all night. 😉

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