My Books

Guarding Angel (Fallen Redemption #1)


Genre(s): Adult Fantasy
Projected release date: May 19, 2014
Click for more details.

Reaping Angel (Fallen Redemption #2)

Genre: Adult Fantasy
Summary: After rescuing Kaspen from Yasva’s clutches, Enael must prove to the Council of Seraphim that she’s fit for the Heavenly realm.

Status: Currently being written.
Goal: First draft finished by March 21, 2014.

Warring Angel (Fallen Redemption #3)

Genre: Adult Fantasy
Logline: TBD

Status: To be plotted
Goal: On hold until Reaping Angel is written.

Working Title: The Exorcist’s Assistant

Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy
A woman harassed by a demon discovers its connection to her past life. Enlisting the aid of a doubting exorcist, she fights for her own life–and the life of her daughter.

Status: Second revision complete, awaiting feedback by my critique partners.

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