2013: Year In Review

Because this blog is about book reviews, I thought about doing a “my favorite books of 2013” post. However, because this blog is about book reviews, you don’t get to know much about me. Sure, you get to hear my soapbox rants, but you don’t actually get to know the person behind this somewhat-of-a-facade that I have for the internet. So I figured that rather than jumping right back into book reviews, I’d give you a glimpse into my life.

January 2013

I finish the first draft of Guarding Angel. It is then called Fallen Redemption, the name I ultimately chose for the series. The book goes out to friends and family. I start agonizing over my query letter.

I work on contract for a large Canadian bank as a foreign exchange platform IT project manager. This means I’m only there for a defined period of time (rather than full-time, which is indefinite), so I begin looking for a new job starting in March. I find something, and I’m all ready to start 2013 with a new opportunity.

February 2013

I get feedback from friends and family. I’m overwhelmed for awhile. I revise, revise, revise, and then find some CP’s who are writers. I continue to agonize over my query letter.

My contract at the old position finishes. The contract I had lined up to start in March falls through. I frantically start looking for something else, since I shut down all job search networking mid-month.

March 2013

I get some CP feedback. It’s more specific than the non-writing friends and family feedback and helps me immensely. I spend too much time on the Absolute Write forums, learning all the things and posting four thousand query letter drafts.

The job search goes slowly. My uncle dies unexpectedly and I go to Ohio for his funeral. My dad takes it hard, so he comes home with me and we sit on the couch watching Star Trek reruns and talking politics (for as long as I don’t get mad at how conservative he is versus how liberal I am). It is nice.

April 2013

I revise some more, get some more feedback, get lost in drafting, get too close to my manuscript, hate my query letter.

I get a lot of recruiter calls, but every time it seems like a lead is materializing, the position is shut down or filled internally. I get antsy. After all, no work means no money.

May 2013

I put the final touches on Guarding Angel. On May 20, 2013, the 7th anniversary of my engagement to my husband, I send out my first query letter, even though I still hate it.

A job finally comes through. On May 21, 2013, the 3rd anniversary of my brother’s wedding, I start a full-time position (meaning, no end date but pays less) at another large, Canadian bank. This time I’m in Information Security.

June and July 2013

No bites. I start a book with the working title The Exorcist’s Assistant. It’s urban fantasy instead of fantasy, so I feel like I’m cheating without having to do tons of world building. I plot and do character sketches like crazy before starting. I revise my Guarding Angel query letter four thousand more times and continue to send it out.

I get settled in at work. I make some work friends. Things start to feel normal.

August 2013

I get feedback from an agent that states the market is saturated with angel books. I start considering self-publishing. I think long and hard about it, since I have this nagging, snobbish feeling that self-pubbed books aren’t as high quality as trade published books. I stop querying, wondering if my query letter is to blame, even though it’s had roughly eight thousand revisions.

On August 19, 2013, I find out that I’m pregnant. My due date is April 28, 2014.

September 2013

I decide to self-publish. I choose a pen name so that my IT PM internet persona doesn’t interfere with my author persona. I create a project plan. (Remember, I’m a project manager.) I do lots of research. I decide to get a copy editor and proofreader. After all, I’m not going to add to the low quality stuff on the marketplace.

On September 23, 2013, I have a miscarriage. It is the most difficult thing I’ve gone through in my life. I stop writing.

October 2013

Mid-month, I force myself to begin revisions on Exorcist’s Assistant. I get some “final” (is it ever final?) CP feedback on Guarding Angel. I decide that if I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it right. I hire developmental editor Jessica Swift and finish my final final revisions of Guarding Angel.

I heal. I work. I eat healthy and take iron supplements. I find solace in my husband and family and friends. The doctor informs me that miscarriages happen in an estimated 20% of pregnancies and that I shouldn’t worry. I worry. (Actually, that should be a sentence in every single month of every single year of my life.) I get lots of support and find out that more people than I ever imagined have gone through what I did.

November 2013

I send off Guarding Angel to Jessica. I am full of neurosis about what is or may be wrong. I fully plot Reaping Angel (Fallen Redemption #2) and start plotting Warring Angel (Fallen Redemption #3). I decide to wait until I write Reaping to finish the plot of Warring, so I go back to Exorcist’s Assistant revisions.

My first bout of PMS (sorry, men) is awful because my hormones are out of whack. I cry a lot. My husband is supportive and doesn’t tell me to stop being crazy. I love him a more for it.

December 2013

I send off Exorcist’s Assistant to the second round of CP’s. I read a lot. I get my edited manuscript from Jessica¬†and try not to feel overwhelmed by yet another round of edits to Guarding Angel. I am excited for next year, when I’m going to publish my first book.

On December 25, 2013, I discover I’m pregnant. I spend most of the time trying not to think about the last miscarriage. But now that I’ve been through it, I know that I’m strong enough to handle it.

What will be will be.

2014 is going to be a great year.

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